Recognised by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

  1. Duration of Course : Two Years
  2. Total Seats Available : 50 (30 for boys and 20 for girls.)

(a). Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with 50% marks and having at least participation in the Inter- College/Inter-Zonal/District/School competition in sports and games as recognized by the AIU/IOA/SGFl/Govt. of India.


Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with 45% marks

Bachelor’ s Degree in any discipline with 50% marks and studied physical education as compulsory/ elective subject.

Bachelor’s Degree with 45% marks and having participated in National/Inter-University/State competitions or secured 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in Inter- College/Inter-Zonal/District/School competition in sports and games as recognized by the AIU/IOA/SGFl/Govt. of India.

Bachelor’s Degree with participation in international competitions or secured 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in National/Inter-University competition in sports and games as recognized by respective federations/ AIU/ IOA/ SGFI/ Govt. of India.

Graduation with 45% marks and at least three years of teaching experience (for deputed in service candidates i.e. trained physical education teachers/coaches).

The upper age limit is 25 years on 1 July 2018,(Born on or after 1 July, 1993) which will be relaxed for B.P.Ed.-1 course by five years only for Christian Candidates (Candidates must produce the relevant certificate from the Pastor of the Church)

All candidates will have to appear in B.P.Ed.-I Entrance Test at their own expense. This test includes written test, Skill test, Physical Fitness test and marks of Games Representation and Interview. Appropriate sports dress is a MUST for skill test and Physical Fitness Test. Civil dress is for written test and interview.

(a) Written Test: ( 10 Marks)
An objective type written test of one hour duration covering BA/BSc Physical Education elective subject level questions along with General Knowledge and Sports Awareness will be conducted.

(b) Skill Test: ( 10 Marks)
Skill test will be conducted on anyone of the games listed below (Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Volleyball). The candidate has to select one game from this list.

(c) Physical Fitness Test (42 Marks)
(Modified AAPHER Test)
50 M Dash
4xl0 M. Shuttle Run
600 M. Run

(d) Games Representation (18 Marks)
Games representation marks will be given to only those games listed in the A.I.U. List and the representation should be within last 3 years. Games representation made before year 2014 will not be considered in this section.

International Participation 18 Marks
Senior National 1st place to IIIrd place 16 Marks
Senior National Participation 14 Marks
Inter University
1st place to IIIrd place 12 Marks
Inter University Participation 10 Marks
Inter-Collegiate Ist place 6 Marks
Inter Collegiate IIrd place 4 Marks
Inter Collegiate IIIrd place 2 Marks
  1. International Participation: One who has represented the national team in a Recognized International competition of a particular game.
  2. Senior National Level : One who has represented the state teams in Senior National Championship of a particular game.
  3. Inter-University Level : One who has represented the University team in All India/Zonal Inter University Tournaments.
  4. Inter-Collegiate Level : One who has represented the college team in Inter-Collegiate competition of the respective University.

(e) Interview: (20 Marks)
The interview is to assess personality, subject knowledge, teaching potential and expression as a student-teacher.
NOTE: Merit List is prepared for those candidates only who give complete entrance test.

Other Important Instructions:

  1. Only Christian candidates will be allowed to avail themselves of the privilege facilities.
  2. B.P.Ed. is a professional course and the nature of the course includes a chance for injury, accident including fatal one. Therefore, students admitted to B.P.Ed course will have to submit an affidavit on Rs.10/- stamp paper, stating that they are aware of the risk factors involved in the course and the college will not be responsible for any compensation in the event of any accident including fatal one during the course of study within or outside of the college campus.
  3. All selected candidates are required to sign a bond of rules and regulations and are required to abide by them as a precondition for admission to the B.P.Ed course. 75% attendance in all curricular and co-curricular activities of the department is a must for all candidates. Development of exemplary levels of discipline and conduct of the teacher trainees is the basic objective and requirement of this course.
  4. Graduates of Universities other than the University of Lucknow are required to submit migration certificate latest by 15 October, 2018, failing which their admission shall stand cancelled.
  5. There is no Hostel facility for Girl students. They will have to make their own arrangements for their stay outside the College premises.
  6. B.P.Ed is a professional course and requires high level of physical workouts and vigorous training. Married girl is eligible for admission. If she gets pregnant during the course including examinations, she will have to discontinue her studies.
    Therefore it will be compulsory for the women candidates to sign an undertaking that they will discontinue the course at once if they get pregnant during the course of study, due to the risk to life (because of rigourous training during the course). In case of hiding the fact and any casualty arising out of it the College authorities will not be responsible at all.
  7. Camping is a part of B.P.Ed curriculam and examination system. A camping fees of Rs. 5000/- will be charged and it will be spent on actual expenditure basis. The amount shall be paid by all students admitted in the academic session 2018-19 on or before 10th January 2019 through a bank draft payable at Lucknow in favour of “Principal, Lucknow Christian Degree College”.
  8. Candidates are required to submit their original Blood-Group Certificate at the time of Admission.
  9. Representing any team or club in any tournament without the prior permission from the college authorities during B.P.Ed. course is a violation of college rules and strict action will be initiated against the students who violets it.

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