“ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD”, is the motto of Lucknow Christian College. The college incessantly strives for the fulfillment of Aims and Objectives of the College, which includes receiving education in Christian environment, acts of charity, inculcating spiritual values and develop good moral character in youth, so as to enable them to make positive contribution to Nation-building.

Under this programme, Chapel Service moral lectures, youth activities including retreats are organized.

Classes in Moral and Spiritual Education are held twice a week. Chapel services are held on two other days of the week in the Bishop Chitambar Memorial Chapel. All students are expected to attend and benefit from this service.

Contact Persons :
1. N. S. Singh Department of Zoology – Incharge
2. D. P. Singh Department of Zoology
3. B. S. V. Prakash Department of Botany
4. E.V. Lal Department of Commerce

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