Zeitgeist 2014

(Annual Cultural Festival of Lucknow Christian College.)

“Divided by Colleges,united by Zeitgeist”.

The essence of the word ‘Zeitgeist’ – ‘Come celebrate the spirit of our times’ proves its true significance when every year this college fest is celebrated with the best spirits of all times & gives us the most beautiful memories to cherish for ever.

One of the oldest inter-college cultural events of the country always creates a buzz around the city. The 153-year old Lucknow Christian College sees a huge participation from more than 50 colleges from across the city.

About the event– The event tagline “Come celebrate the spirit of our times” justifies the college’s centuries old heritage.-Still signifies the college motto “Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam”-All to the glory of God. The college hosts completions like Quiz, Debate, Just-A-Minute, Drama, Singing, Dancing etc.

Memorable Moments:
-Rock Concert among the various bands of colleges.
-Kavi Sammelan which had eminent poets and writers of the country as well as from the Indian Film Industry.
-Inter College Fashion Show & Ms. & Mr. Zeitgeist.

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