The Computer Centre of the college caters to the needs of technological advancements in the college. The Centre not only provides for the Lab. Facilities to the Students of B.Sc. (Computer Applications subject) but also to the students enrolled for different Computer programmes of IGNOU.

Having a well equipped infrastructure the center also renders services in Entrance Test for admission to the college, general awareness towards technological developments and their applications to the staff members, computerization process in the college,office automation and consultancy.

On regular basis the Talks, Guest Lectures and Seminar etc. are being organized in the college. The emphasis is not only on learning but on overall personality and communication skills development so that the students, when they complete their studies at college, are ready to take up the challenges of life and the Computer Industry.

The Computer centre feels proud to state that our students are well placed in the industry not only India but in countries like USA, Canada.

Soon the Computer Centre shall be launching value added courses for the students of different streams so that they become easily employable and are able to serve the Nation well.

Contact Persons :
Deptt. of Computer Applications / Computer Centre

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